Get involved, we need everyone to help!

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”
-Edmund Burke


The Groundswell of resistance to Fracking is a national and international movement. This effort, like the civil rights, women’s rights and worker’s rights movements can only make a difference if people respond and take part. Unfortunately most people still do not know enough about the real threat of fracking, and they are constantly bombarded by industry TV and radio ads.

Our goal with Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children’s Air and Water is to inform and inspire people to get involved in the fight. There are many groups working on this. (see the list below)

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The women of Erie Rising – Erie, CO

Bring the Groundswell to your community

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We recommend seeing Sandra Steingraber’s film Living Downstream

Groups working on this issue

Please contact these groups and get involved. We need everyone to learn about what is at stake and how to help. Let us know if you’d like your group added to this list by using our contact form.

Artists Against Fracking
Berks Gas Truth
Brodhead Watershed Association
Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy
Clean Water Action
Coalition to Protect New York
Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Erie Rising
Food & Water Watch
Frack Action
Frack Free Westbury
Gas Free Seneca
Keep Wiltshire Frack Free (U.K.)
New Yorkers Against Fracking
Pike County Marcellus Shale Task Force
Strike Anywhere
The Mothers Project
The Sierra Club
Torbert Marcellus Shale Task Force
Trout Unlimited, PA
Water Defense