Florida has been a leading state in the fight against fracking. We are very proud of their work and are happy to share with you this unsolicited testimonial/formula by Gale Dickert. For areas touched by the fracking boom, let this be a guiding example to emulate:

Here’s what worked well in Madison County, FL for getting a Resolution for a Ban on Fracking signed quickly and quietly -as opposition can be a threat. The key is educating locals and County Commissioners using the film Groundswell Rising–our best tool! Folks who view this excellent film, even for 30 minutes, want a ban! If you are not a resident, it is best to help a local person handle situations with your guidance, as some counties don’t trust outsiders. This key local should invite County Commissioners over, one-at-a-time, to discuss fracking and to view Groundswell Rising in an attempt to convince them of need for a County Resolution. After a majority of Commissioners on board, this key local should quickly get on BOCC (Board of County Commissioners) Agenda to speak on behalf of a Resolution, having invited all their friends to fill room and give standing ovation at end of presentation. Signed County Resolution should go immediately to Governor’s Office. City Resolutions for a Ban on Fracking may be approached in same manner.

Here are suggested steps, fleshed out:

  1. Local person should invite Commissioners to home, one at a time, to discuss fracking and need for Resolution, showing each Groundswell Rising DVD. Some may already oppose fracking. Show each one a Model Resolution (Alachua’s is excellent!) plus other signed Resolutions. If a commissioner offers to take Model Resolution to Board Attorney, offer to go, too, to educate, help sell idea and need to move quickly, as other Florida counties have done. Madison’s Board Attorney had Resolution written within 6 hours, using Alachua’s as a model. He didn’t have to reinvent the wheel! After a solid majority of commissioners are onboard, (plus one, as one may be absent on day of – and delay you) the key local person will get on Board Agenda to present Resolution.
  2. Send Attorney, County Managers, County Staff links to Groundswell Rising, plus other educational materials on fracking.
  3. Prior to BOCC meeting, local person will show Groundswell Rising to friends and also to local news reporter who covers Board meetings to ensure a good news story!
  4. Local will invite friends, including Garden Club members, as Florida Federation of Garden Clubs is resolved to ban fracking .When we went for our Resolution, I invited Madison Garden Club members, friends and family to fill Board room. They all gave standing ovation (good idea!) Commissioners were all well informed and signed Resolution quickly.

After Commissioners sign document, ask Clerk of Court to sign and put seal on Resolution immediately. Take photos of signing to send to both local and regional newspapers. This publicity encourages other counties to do a Resolution! Take new Resolution to Governor’s Desk ASAP! Smile!!

Many thanks to those great guys in Pennsylvania, Mark Lichty and Matt and Renard Cohen who produced, directed, and wrote the inspiring theme music for Groundswell Rising! They made our job of educating the public on fracking so much easier! Just think of the lives that will be saved when fracking is banned! Many thanks to Craig Stevens for his huge and continuing support! They’re all heroes.

Written by Gale Dickert, Florida activist and hero


Simple Fracking Ban

10 Minute Dimock Section from the film