“Besides the incredible information on fracking’s detriment to our health it is also a great look into what it is like to live in a town with fracking in the backyard. This film should be watched by everyone on the side of industry and those considering leasing their land to the gas companies. Plain and simply, it’s the human side of this debate.”
– Mark Ruffalo

“Your film blew me away. It was spot on, and I loved it while sobbing through half of it. Your film is so professionally done, so hard hitting, so scientifically well researched. It is a primer for people to organize around, who find that their towns are being stolen and their children’s health compromised. You guys did an amazing job of depicting this civil war within our country.”
– Liberty Godshall

“Groundswell Rising is, by far, the best tool we have to educate the masses, to get them to rise up and help us. No one can watch Groundswell and be silent. Mere words cannot describe what this film can convey to those who need to be educated on fracking.  It puts hope in our hands…”
– Gale Dickert, Florida Activist

 “The showing of Groundswell Rising and the first-person testimony of Mark Lichty from Pennsylvania – warning us that the film showed the impacts of fracking nine years down the line – absolutely galvanized the audience into taking further action to protect our beloved Forest of Dean home. We did have an audience of mostly already committed anti-frackers – but there were two town councillors and two district councillors there who immediately took up the call to officially designate the town and the forest a frack-free zone. Within one week the council had voted to make its parish – which covers about half of the central forest – a frack-free zone, and designs for road signs are being finalised now. And now, one month later, our entire Forest of Dean has voted to declare itself a Frack Free Zone, and so has the town of Watchet in Somerset. This is taking off and the film and your visit really helped achieve this result.” 
-Owen, Forest of Dean (England)

“I watched ‘Gasland I’ and ‘Gasland II’ and found myself getting angry with the Gas Company. After watching ‘Groundswell Rising: Protecting Our Children’s Air and Water’, I found myself very sad. The sadness came because I have children and grandchildren who could be affected by this madness. Hearing the testimonials from the people in PA, NY, CO and other states that have been affected by fracking has given me a sense of urgency to get involved. Fighting big oil and gas companies seems impossible until you listen to ordinary folks who have organized and fought back. I get very sad to think that large corporations and big money control the fate of our country and our lives and…..I also get angry. Along with my sadness is the determination to fight this until we wake up our legislatures to find alternatives to energy. The film showed me that if we ban together, we can win this uphill battle one county and state at a time.”
– Laura

“Thank you so much for putting on the screening of Groundswell Rising. I am so impressed with the quality of the film and the collection of interviews and quotes. I didn’t mention it this evening, but your Sandra Steingraber selections are perfect. Her statements and recurring presence provide a powerful start to the movie, and add a lot to the impact in other places.”
– John Wagner

“This is a powerful film. Industry propaganda continually dismisses these people. They are invisible and this film helps us see them.”
– Barbara Lifton, New York Assembly Woman

“Our audience was inspired to learn more and to get involved with the fracking issue. For me, that is the highest praise one can bestow on a film.”
– Jay Tran, Plow to Plate Film Series

“Groundswell Rising inspires me with the story of resistance to the systematic abuse of our water, air, and communities by the Oil & Gas Industry.  I am  proud to know the leaders of whose dignity demands an organized  reaction.  Groundswell Rising is the story of our struggle.  Groundswell Rising needs to be seen and heard even among those of us who are helping to lead the struggle.  We all need encouragement and Groundswell Rising is an encouragement to all of us.”
– Nathan R Sooy, Clean Water Action Harrisburg Campaign Coordinator

“Groundswell Rising generates much needed discussion as we are forced to grapple with an insatiable appetite for energy.   We are happy to have the opportunity to distribute this timely and important film.”
– John Hoskyns-Abrahall, President, Bullfrog Films

“Groundswell Rising will get your blood going and your mind racing about how we can pull together to defend our communities from gas drilling and its crushing infrastructure.  We highly recommend screening the film in your community to help move us towards reclaiming our land, air and water from the gas and oil industry. Show Groundswell then get together to figure out your next best action—this energizing film will help it happen!”
– Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director, Delaware Riverkeeper Network

“Got a sneak preview of Groundswell Rising last night. Don’t get me wrong, watching Gasland is what got me involved in fighting fracking, so it was plenty motivating! Split Estate, Triple Divide, and Gasland II have all inspired me. You should watch every one of those films. You’ll learn a ton and be inspired, too. But I’ve gotta say that after being immersed in this for a few years now, I’m always surprised when a film full of information I know can motivate me. Groundswell Rising provides such a good balance of the awful stories of impacts and the victories of average people like you and me who took on the industry and government and won that it leaves you feeling hopeful and rarin’ to go. Cudos to everyone involved in the making of the film! Can’t wait to start showing it.”
– Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth

“Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children’s Air and Water does an amazing job of chronicling a people’s movement to protect what is sacred to all of us and must be seen.”
– Angela Monti Fox, Founder of The Mothers Project, inc.

“I finished the film tonight and I am truly moved.  The uplifting spirit of the film, especially during the last few minutes, reminds us that something can be done to stop this.  Before watching this film I believed there was nothing that could stop the will of these corporations and special interests. The danger of fracking is real and the inertia of the citizens is the force that will stop this practice permanently before it is too late.  You and your team did a wonderful job with this project!”
– Tom Leeds, McCord Campaign Worker

”Groundswell Rising provides an invaluable, up-close view of the horrible impacts of hydro-fracking on drinking water and everyday life and of the opposition to fracking that has erupted in affected areas. The movie is especially effective in demonstrating the intrusive, life-shattering impact of fracking on family life and how the victims of fracking have banded together to fight this assault.”
– Michael Klare, Professor and Director, Program in Peace and World Security Studies, Hampshire College, Author, The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources

“Viewers of Groundswell Rising feel the anguish of communities experiencing health problems caused by contaminated water, air, and noise pollution from fracking. Luckily, the film does not end there. We see these communities band together to fight against powerful energy companies, as the film highlights the importance of activism on a local level. Ending with a rousing montage of protests against fracking and a list of milestones in the anti-fracking movement, you’ll leave the film feeling angry but inspired to take action. The film would work well in courses focusing on the environment, social movements, politics, and public health.”
– Dr. Elizabeth Cherry, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Manhattanville College

“This film takes viewers to the place where emotional trauma and health impacts experienced by fracking-zone residents and hard facts presented by leading experts meet. It deconstructs the oil and gas industry’s rhetoric and shows us what shale energy development really looks like…The film will generate lively discussion in environmental studies and current affairs courses at the college and high school levels.”
– Dr. Anna Willow, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, The Ohio State University

“Groundswell Rising captures what is happening in the communities where fracking has occurred and how it has spurred a call to action. This film puts into perspective the importance of seeking alternative sources of energy for a healthy environment for the future, and engenders us to think about the long term impacts that fracking has on our natural landscapes.”
– Sara Rinfret, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Montana, Co-author, US Environmental Policy: A Practical Approach to Understanding Implementation (forthcoming)

“Groundswell Rising lets us hear the stories of individuals throughout the United States who have experienced the unwanted effects of natural gas production. They are surprised by the industrial invasion around them, and they are even more surprised to become environmentalists.”
– John Copeland Nagle, Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame, Author, Law’s Environment: How the Law Shapes the Places We Live

“Timely and critically important…Vividly depicted are details of how gas companies make promises to get people to lease their land-and how they resort to coercion…Environmental science, health, and social studies classes will find much to discuss here.”
– Cynthia Ortiz, Hackensack High, School Library Journal

“Director Renard Cohen uses considerable skill to highlight new Erin Brockovich’s, emerging in the wake of the fracking gold-rush. Groundswell Rising zooms in on artists and local change-makers fueling a growing national movement. An important film that needs to be seen.”
– Leese Walker, Producing Director at Strike Anywhere (Performance Ensemble)

“No kidding this is a groundswell, and just in time! Fracking means big money to a few, which is why its spreading around the world-but the opposition from the rest of us is spreading just as fast, and this powerful film shows exactly why!”
– Bill McKibben, Founder of 350.org

“Groundswell Rising picks up the story of resistance to fracking in Pennsylvania and New York where Josh Fox’s Gasland left off, a telling look at people’s building rage.”
– James William Gibson, Professor of Sociology

“I just want to let you know how helpful the new version of Groundswell has been for me. When making my presentations to our County Commissioners, I loved being able to stop and start at certain points. That way, when either of us wanted to comment on something, we had a chance right away instead of trying to remember some time later.  By the way, they were so impressed with the DVD. Each of them agreed to support a resolution to the state legislature to ask for a fracking ban. Three down, two to go….next week. I made a presentation to some of my garden club members today.  A couple of them had watched my older copy that you generously sent to me.  They thought it was so nice to be able to watch a bit and take a break to talk and then watch some more. Your DVD made quite an impression on them.”
– Pat Carver, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs