the team

Matt and Renard Cohen, Executive Producers/Directors

m_cohenr_cohenThese producers and brothers have been creating award-winning television for over 20 years. Some of their productions include: for PBS, The Science of Healing, with Dr. Esther Sternberg about the mind/body connection to healing, with Matt as the Executive Producer and Renard as Producer/Director; Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen, the highest rated BBQ show on public television; Food Trip with Todd English, an Emmy-nominated and James Beard winning series in which Todd travels the globe in search of culinary inspiration; Lidia’s Italy with Lidia Bastianich; Seasoned with Spirit, Emmy-winning series about Native American culture and cuisine; and Theater on the Edge, an Emmy-winning segment for WNET’s City Arts. Some of their Food Network programs include: My Country, My Kitchen, a James Beard winning series profiling international chefs; Dear Food Network Thanksgiving Special; Sara Moulton PrimeTime; The Melting Pot; and In Food Today.

Renard Cohen is also a musician and composer. To hear some of his music, including Groundswell Rising Fracken Shame and The Ostrich, visit

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Mark Lichty, Esq., Executive Producer

m_lichtyCropMark has long been involved in issues of social justice and change through organizations such as Common Cause, Project for Nuclear Awareness and others. He is an attorney and former CEO of Bustin Industrial Products. Mark bought into the gas companies’ propaganda ten years ago, and converted his manufacturing plant from oil to gas spending over $150,000 on the conversion.  At the time, there weren’t hundreds of studies establishing the health and environmental effects of fracking.  He just wanted cheap gas, and the propaganda said it was safe.  Upon beginning the film with Resolution Pictures, and doing extensive research, he learned the truth.  That money spent on the gas conversion is no longer available to spend on alternative fuels.  This is where the planet finds itself.  As we dig deeper into the dangerous fracking infrastructure, the alternative future eludes us.

Dave Walczak, Associate Producer

d_walczakCropDave is an accomplished artist and community advocate. He is co-founder of “Coalition to Protect New York”, a group that is challenging the rush to “frack” in the N.Y. Finger Lakes region and beyond. He is well-connected regionally in NY and PA, not only to people in the resistance, but to those who have been sharply impacted by the unconventional drilling industry itself. His sensitivities as an artist, photographer, writer and creative thinker make him a valuable addition to the Groundswell Rising team.

Anne Marie Lauharn, Production Assistant

Anne Marie has directed and produced over one hundred productions, some original works, in various communities in Long Island and upstate N.Y., she herself performing in many of them. Coming from a family involved in the legal system as well as environmental testing, she is well versed in “the law”, as well as the causes and ramifications of underground and surface, soil and water contamination. Anne Marie’s “gift of gab,” networking abilities and her direct, yet compassionate, disarming personality serve as an avenue for reaching, finding and scheduling people and venues whose stories need to be included in the film.

The Rest of the Creative Team

  • Maureen Madden, Communication Specialist
  • Ryan Kollmorgen: Editor
  • Dr. Patricia Kennedy: Prof. of Communications, East Stroudsburg University
  • Dr. Andy Unger: MD FAAP, Cindy Zulick: Environmentalist and Social Media Specialist

Resolution Media Fund

The Resolution Media Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and was established in 2004 with the purpose of supporting and developing educational programs around the topics of civil rights, the environment, energy conservation and public health. The fund has been involved in a number of recent projects including: Indivisible: In Defense of Civil Liberties and The Science of Healing screening at Donna Karen’s Urban Zen in NYC. The Resolution Media Fund is grateful for all donations, large and small and is dedicated to creating productions that will inspire a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable society.